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If you lose a tooth, a dental bridge or crown are one of the solutions to replacing that space, and these typically need a dental implant before installation. Dr. Robert Morrison and our dental associates are dedicated to providing the best dental care we can for you and your smile. This can be done through a dental implant in the form of an endosteal implant or subperiosteal implant.

These two individual procedures are ADA (American Dental Association) approved and are connected to the jawbone. They then each go through the healing process where the bone and gums heal around the implant to give your new tooth a solid foundation. A crown (needed for one tooth) or a bridge (needed for two or more teeth) is placed after the dental implant has healed. Both implants are typically made up of titanium and act as the root.

An endosteal implant is composed of a small screw, cylinder, or plate placed directly into the jawbone. The subperiosteal implants use a metal frame to avoid reconstruction of a shallow jawbone. This is placed on or above the jawbone. Maintain healthy dental habits to keep your smile and dental implants clean.

An endosteal or subperiosteal implant can greatly improve your smile as well as your abilities of speaking and chewing. Call us at 757-874-5511 to get information here at Morrison Dental Group about which dental implant process is right for you. Our dental professionals are located here in Newport News, Virginia, and ready to give you your best smile!