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Is your child experiencing some nervousness about losing a tooth or going to the dentist? Encourage them with the idea of the tooth fairy leaving a prize like money or a small toy under their pillow! This nervousness can derive from a small amount of pain they may experience or losing something that is part of them. Here at Morrison Dental Group, we use the tooth fairy to help encourage children to keep a healthy, dental care routine.

The myth of the tooth fairy, although very new compared to the Easter bunny or Santa Claus, is a non-religious character many parents use to comfort their child. It derives from many traditions used to summon good, strong teeth in the past. These included parents or the child throwing top teeth on the ground and bottom teeth up in the air for straight teeth, and throwing teeth onto the roof, towards the sun, between the legs, or onto the ground as they prayed for strong, healthy teeth.

Other traditions include throwing the teeth into holes of mice since they have teeth that continuously grow. Other options were burying them or throwing them in the fire to destroy any bad vibes and encourage adult teeth to grow. Baby teeth were also often taken into battle by Vikings for luck and strength, in the hopes the teeth would help protect them from harm.

The modern tooth fairy was brought to life in Esther Watkins Arnold’s 1927 play, The Tooth Fairy, a modern take on the use of baby teeth. Encourage your child to brush twice a day, floss daily, and take them to see their dentist twice a year. Give Morrison Dental Group a call at 757-874-5511 to set up an appointment for your child’s dental care today here in Newport News, Virginia!