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Going through our daily routines in Newport News, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA, it’s easy to pick up some habits that can put our teeth at risk. Here are 4 habits to stop to improve oral health.

Nail Biting: Biting your fingernails can put you at risk for chipped teeth. Additionally, when your jaw is in a protruding position for long periods of time, it can lead to pressure on the jaw that can cause problems. If you have a habit of biting your nails, try bitter-tasting nail polish, reducing stress, or doing something else with your hands.

Chewing Ice: Chewing ice is a common practice that leads to frequent problems. When ice crystals are pushed against the crystalline tooth enamel, one set of crystals breaks. Usually, it’s the ice–but sometimes, it’s the tooth. And that leads to dental emergencies such as chips, cracks, or other problems.

Tool Time: Your teeth were made for biting and chewing, not to be used as scissors or to hold things. Participating in these activities puts you at risk for dental emergencies, in addition to spreading germs. It also puts you at risk for jaw injury or swallowing foreign objects.

Brushing Too Hard: Brushing for 2 minutes, twice a day is great–fundamental, in fact, to oral health. But use a gentle pressure when you brush! Brushing too hard can cause damage to tooth enamel, and to your gums. It also wears out your toothbrush faster.

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