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Have you ever wanted to hone your flossing skills? Even though it is a task you should be doing every day, it is often not done correctly or in a precise manner. The brand of dental floss can also play a role in the effectiveness of the treatment as well. Our professional dental team at Morrison Dental Group in Newport News, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA, cares for your oral health, which is why we want to talk to you about tips with dental floss.

Flossing is essential to a healthy smile. If your floss shreds when you use it, upgrade to a stronger material. Single filament thread is shred resistant and superior to other multifilament threads. If you are older or lack the muscle strength or bone fitness to suitably floss every day, try using an alternative product such as a water flosser instead. Water flossers are interdental cleaners that easily clean your mouth by firing beams of water at it to wash harmful debris away.

Always make sure to check that you are properly flossing. When flossing, try to use a thread that is roughly 18 inches long. Wrap each end of the thread around a finger on each hand so you can move up and down the thread as necessary while using a different section of the thread between each tooth.

If you are showing signs of tooth decay or gum disease, come visit us for treatment today. With the helpful support of our wonderful team at our dentist office in Newport News, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA, we can repair your smile. To schedule an appointment, call us at 757-874-5511. Let us help you get a whiter, brighter smile today!