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An intruding cavity, injury, or cracked tooth are the most common types of tooth damage to affect the root and pulp. One of the best treatments your dentist can use to preserve the natural tooth is root canal therapy! With so many myths circling around for years concerning root canal treatments, it’s almost hard to believe they’ve all been debunked due to medical advancements and modern technology.

Our dental associates located in Newport News, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA, want you to have your best smile with the best comfortability. One of the best services we offer so you can preserve your natural tooth is a root canal restoration treatment. This helps restore your natural tooth, and these are the basic steps we take to get rid of any infection.

A local anesthetic is first administered, and a dental dam made of rubber is placed to prevent debris or water getting in the tooth. For molars/premolars, the opening will be made with small tools on top of the tooth, and for the front teeth, the opening will be behind the tooth.

The infected roots and pulp are then cleaned from the chamber by your dentist, who afterward washes it out with water and lets it dry. An antimicrobial solution will then be applied to kill remaining bacteria.

Gutta-percha (a rubbery, tapered material) is placed inside the empty chamber and sealed with dental cement. Sometimes a plastic or metal rod will be placed inside for support if the natural tooth needs more support. A permanent crown (your dentist will make an impression mold, sent to be made in a lab, and sent back) is then placed on the opening, protecting your tooth from any exposure or other infections.

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