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Are you aware of the connection between pregnancy and your teeth and gums? It’s important to never assume that just because your teeth and gums are safe now that they will be in the future. Several risks can develop in your oral health if you continue to go down your current path without making adjustments while pregnant, which includes improving and enhancing your oral health care through proper cleaning habits.

It is true that there are several oral health risks that can arise when you are pregnant. But this does not mean that you’re guaranteed to suffer tooth loss or any other form of severe oral damage unless you completely abandon the care for your teeth and gums. Be aware that gum disease is also a risk factor that tends to arise due to a pregnancy, so continue to keep your mouth free and clear of debris, which includes improving your oral hygiene.

A failure to promote proper oral hygiene can lead to preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and premature delivery. While you’re pregnant, your teeth are also at an increased risk for erosion, so always make sure to continue to clean your mouth daily. Visit your dentist here in Newport News, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA, for additional care and let us know you are pregnant and which vitamins and prenatal medications you may be taking. Your diet also plays a key role in your oral health while you’re pregnant and even when you are not, so make sure you’re eating healthy and nutritious foods.

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