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Once upon a time, braces belonged solely to teenagers. They were exclusively the purview of junior high and high school kids who tried to conceal their smiles for yearbook pictures. But now, plenty of people of all ages are straightening their smiles, from middle school kids to senior citizens.

While a mouthful of metal is embarrassing enough as a kid, adults who are interested in orthodontics may not be interested in flashing a metallic grin at the office or social gatherings. What’s more, traditional braces require multiple trips to their specialist for adjustments, and they need extra care when it comes to brushing and flossing. And regular braces mean eating foods that won’t damage them.

For many busy adults (and active teens) clear aligners may be the answer. Here at Morrison Dental Group in Newport News, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA, we offer ClearCorrect™. These are made of a special type of material and are crafted from digital impressions of your teeth. They slowly move your teeth into their correct positions. They can move your teeth horizontally, vertically and even rotate them into the proper alignment if necessary. The aligners fit snugly against your teeth, and because they are clear, no one needs to know that you are wearing them. They can be easily removed so that you can eat or clean them. Our team will give you a new set of aligners to wear every two weeks.

If you are interested in a straight, new smile, you should talk to Morrison Dental Group about ClearCorrect in Newport News, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA. Call 757-874-5511 today to plan your appointment!