4 Habits That Hurt Your Teeth

Going through our daily routines in Newport News, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA, it’s easy to pick up some habits that can put our teeth at risk. Here are 4 habits to stop to improve oral health. Nail Biting: Biting your fingernails can put you at risk for chipped teeth. Additionally, when your jaw is in… Read more »

Keep Your Teeth Healthy, Keep Your Life Happy

If you brush your teeth twice a day, for two minutes every day, that means that you brush your teeth 28 minutes a week and 24 hours a year. That’s an entire day of brushing your teeth every year in Newport News, VA, and Hampton Roads, VA! Obviously, we care enough about keeping your teeth clean… Read more »

Tooth Fairy to the Dental Rescue!

Is your child experiencing some nervousness about losing a tooth or going to the dentist? Encourage them with the idea of the tooth fairy leaving a prize like money or a small toy under their pillow! This nervousness can derive from a small amount of pain they may experience or losing something that is part… Read more »

Speak to Your Dentist About Endosteal vs. Subperiosteal Implants

If you lose a tooth, a dental bridge or crown are one of the solutions to replacing that space, and these typically need a dental implant before installation. Dr. Robert Morrison and our dental associates are dedicated to providing the best dental care we can for you and your smile. This can be done through… Read more »

Considering Braces? Look into ClearCorrect™ Aligners!

ClearCorrect™ aligners are a discreet, removable tooth straightener that are a great alternative to getting metal braces. You can remove them to wash the aligner easily, brush and floss your teeth, and remove for meals during the day. Morrison Dental Group provide this different approach to straighten your teeth, here in Newport News, Virginia. The… Read more »

Upgrade Your Oral Health with Laser Dentistry

Have you considered the benefits that laser dentistry can provide? With the addition of lasers to the oral health field, your dental services can be done more precisely and effectively. Upgrade your oral health with laser dentistry. Here are just a few of the services that lasers can provide: – Cavities: If you have a… Read more »

Beat Cancer with Regular Oral Cancer Awareness Screenings

April is Oral Cancer awareness month and here at Morrison Dental Group, we are spreading awareness all month long. Did you know that with every six-month hygiene care appointment, you are screened for oral cancer? This is vital to your overall health as well as your smile because cancer which is detected early can often be… Read more »

What Is a Malocclusion?

What is a malocclusion? A malocclusion is a misalignment within your mouth caused by improperly fitted teeth or a misaligned jaw line. Thanks to modern technology, malocclusions can be fixed with orthodontic treatments to give you a straighter smile. Listed below are some of the most common types of malocclusions: Incisor Malocclusions: – Underbites, also… Read more »

A Lost Tooth Might Be Replaced by a Bridge Restoration

When a tooth is lost to untreated tooth decay, dental trauma, or treatment-based extraction, it can cause several complications. This could include the impaired ability to chew, slurred speech, or affected smile appearance. As time goes on, the nearby teeth could gradually react to the structural void, altering their positions. This could cause chips, dental… Read more »

What Is a Water Flosser and What Does It Do?

Did you know there is an interdental tool that works much the same way as dental floss does, but without the need for thread? It is called a water flosser, and it is designed to supplement your oral health care habits along with brushing your teeth to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Listed… Read more »